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Kansas City AeroSports is the official Cameron Balloons ( representative for the Greater Kansas City Area of the United States. Backed the largest-selling and most diverse brand of hot air balloons in the world, KCAS has experience ensuring your custom balloon – whether it is for personal recreation or national corporate brand promotion – comes with the best imagination, creativity and technical excellence needed.

We also have relationships with balloon owners across the country with connections that are helpful in the sale and purchase of used balloon systems and components. We’ve successfully managed the sale and purchase of many balloons on behalf of satisfied customers.

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Want to Fly Your New Balloon Yourself?

People usually get their start by taking a balloon ride and/or volunteering to help with a Balloon Chase Crew. Being a crewmember allows you to become more familiar with some of the most important aspects of ballooning from spectator and passenger safety, to inflation procedures, chasing, landing procedures and landowner relations. This hands-on experience sometimes leads to a desire to learn to fly.

Kansas City AeroSports offers hot air balloon flight lessons on a very limited basis at this time. We also have relationships with other commercial pilots who are excellent flight instructors. In addition to flight training and an FAA checkride, you will need to complete a written exam for the FAA to earn your lighter-than-air pilot certificate/license. If you have more questions about what is required for your training feel free to visit Cameron Balloon’s Learn to Fly web page. ( Another great source of information is the Balloon Federation of America (

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