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Marketing with Magnitude:
Corporate Programs, Promotional Programs and Custom Balloon Programs

The grandeur of gracefully rising above the crowd is second to none…especially when the scene has your logo and visual branding elements on the side of a hot air balloon! It is estimated that more than six million spectators annually attend hundreds of balloon events nationwide. This is more than any other outdoor activity including car races and baseball games. Your own corporate balloon can be featured at many of these events as well as other strategic locations that help you make a big impression on your target market.

“You and your team at Kansas City AeroSports define professionalism and the value you bring to our Wonder Bread® brand is tremendous. Not only do you skillfully pilot our beautiful Wonder® balloon, but you represent the brand exceptionally well in front of the public and media. We plan to continue our partnership for years to come because we think the way you embody our brand is well, simply Wonderful.” –Keith Aldredge, Flowers Foods, VP Marketing

Kansas City AeroSports, Inc. is a full-service hot air balloon company specializing in brand promotion and advertising as part of your integrated strategic marketing program. Managing hot air balloon corporate programs; coordinating large-scale events and festivals featuring dozens of hot air balloon teams; and, making your personal or professional celebration extra special are what sets us above and beyond.

Kansas City AeroSports excels in:

  • Brand promotion inflations, tethers, and flights,
  • Presenting a professional and positive attitude with integrity,
  • Media flights and on-camera interviews (based on professional media training),
  • Festival flying with large spectator crowds and many balloons,
  • Interacting with the Federal Aviation Administration, other balloon teams, sponsors, VIPs, crowds, the media, land owners, and passengers,
  • Flying hot air balloons in metropolitan and congested areas,
  • Flying only FAA Certified & Inspected top-of-the-line hot air balloon equipment,
  • Recommending innovative promotional ideas and opportunities that expand brand exposure and decrease cost per thousand impressions (CPM),
  • Maintaining currency as FAA Commercial Pilots with perfect safety records and thousands of flight hours combined totaling more than 2300 hours, and
  • Managing crewmembers, client interests, and the administration of multiple hot air balloon marketing programs simultaneously.

Our extensive experience in providing professional management, operations support and public relations allows you to get involved in your corporate balloon program as little or as much as you would like.

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Above Par Advertising Opportunity

Golf is one of the only times we know where being under par is a good thing. With a hot air balloon you have the chance to live up to the “Go big or go home” words of advice. We can help you design your brand’s dream aerial billboard by ordering your custom hot air balloon through the world’s largest manufacturer, Cameron Balloons. Everything from the vehicles used to transport your program around the country to our team’s attire will compliment your brand with the personality and professionalism you need.

Our broad experience list built over the last 20 years includes flying for the following:

  • Wonder Bread®
  • BancAbility
  • Extreme Ford
  • Good Neighbor Pharmacy
  • Wal-Mart Neighborhood Markets
  • Bass Pro Shops
  • Phillips 66®
  • The Blind Man
  • REMAX®
  • Coca-Cola®
  • Kellogg’s®
  • And, several other corporations and organizations.

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Uses for Customized Corporate Balloons, Corporate Banners on Balloons and Special Shapes

Whether we tether, fly or glow your corporate balloon a full corporate balloon program can help you raise your success in any of the following areas:

  • Brand Awareness with Your Balloon and an Optional Customized Chase Vehicle
  • Integrated Marketing Programs and New Campaigns
  • Public Relations
  • Media Coverage
  • Sponsorship and Advertising
  • Celebrations and Festivals
  • Conventions and Meetings
  • Team Building, Employee Engagement and Recognition
  • Corporate Incentives
  • Promotions
  • Product/Service Launches
  • Product Sampling
  • Industry Events
  • Sales Relationship-Building Tools
  • Community Involvement
  • Features in Television Commercials, Videos, Movies and more
  • Aerial Photography and Videography
  • Memorabilia Giveaways

“Unbelievable aerial marketing team! We love them so much!”—Matt Torgerson, UPS Corporate Plane pilot, and hot air balloon pilot

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