Our Team

Experienced Pilots and Crew. Professional Business Team.

Are you a person who appreciates living life to its fullest? Do you go the extra mile to achieve success? Do you demand the best? Then you have found the right branding partner for your organization!

Chris and Amanda Sabia are established business owners and professional pilots with a unique blend of experience. They reside in Overland Park, Kansas with their dog and share an equal enthusiasm for flying balloons, uplifting brands and giving people a new perspective. Together they volunteer for many causes and surround themselves with crew members and business associates who have equally caring hearts and integrity including both sides of their family and many friends.  

In addition, the Sabia’s are the Cameron Balloon dealer for the Greater Kansas City area.

“If you [Chris and Amanda Sabia of Kansas City AeroSports] are any measure of ballooning’s future, this sport’s heyday and its best are yet to come.” –Gordon Schwontkowski, author, Hot Air Balloon Crewing Essentials: Field-proven Technique to Maximize Safety and Fun for Hot Air Balloon Crews and Pilots

Chief Pilot and Co-Owner: Chris Sabia

Chris took his first hot-air balloon ride in 1988 and his head has been in the clouds ever since. Bitten by the ballooning bug at a young age, Chris and his parents began chasing balloons, providing a helping hand when they landed. Soon the teams invited them to become part of the crew. Chris learned the ins-and-outs of hot air ballooning over the next few years and by 1997 earned his Commercial Pilot’s Certificate in Lighter-Than-Air (Hot Air Balloon) Aircraft.

In the spring of 2002 Chris was awarded the Wonder Hot Air Balloon contract. He and his wife, Amanda, share the public relations, piloting and crewing responsibilities of the 105,000 cubic-foot Wonder balloon on annual tours across the United States. He has flown hundreds of hours in a hot air balloon and in addition to Wonder has flown commercially for RE/MAX®, Coca-Cola®, Kellogg’s® and many more companies. 

When he is not flying balloons, Chris is in the air growing his fixed-wing flight experience flying passenger jets for PSA Airlines, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Airlines.

Pilot, Crew Chief and Co-Owner: Amanda Sabia

Amanda began hot air ballooning as a Crew Chief in 1999. In the years since she has not only logged hundreds of hours as a professional Crew Chief, but become an accomplished Commercial Hot Air Balloon Pilot. She has crewed and flown for Kansas City AeroSports at competitions, corporate events and community celebrations around the country. She also enjoys giving tether and free-flight rides around the Greater Kansas City area when she is not traveling or busy with her other business ventures including real estate and Young Living Essential Oils.